June 10, 2011

Now you too can beer...

Vicariously. Through me.

I know from looking at my stats page that maybe five of you out in Internetland have swung by my page occasionally, and I'm willing to bet at least three live within driving delivery distance of my beers. So, I have a solemn task for you.

My next two brews, which I hope to both start this month, are spoken for - they're both batches intended for a trip in August. But after that, I have several ideas about what to make and no top contender.

What would you like to taste/read about me boiling on the stove in the thick of summer on here? Weigh in on the poll on the right side of this blog page, and I'll make sure the winning ale gets distributed to as many loyal readers as it can. All of these sound really good, and I have interesting-looking recipes in mind for most of them.

What, you're still reading this? Vote! Time's a-wasting!

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