June 5, 2011

Tasting Room: Travel pt. 2: They serve the beers big in San Francisco

My travels home have become... complicated after a weather-induced delay. So, I figure, as I'm bound in San Francisco for a good four hours, why not pass the time with a beer review?

Fortunately, the airport was ready for me, parking an Anchor Brewing Co. pub right next to where I came in (and just in time for lunch!) I've gotten to try three of their offerings already, so I went for the fourth: Anchor Summer Beer, a wheat.

Like all of their other beers I've tried, this is a solid outing. It is firmly an American wheat - no citrus or fruit here, just a crisp wheat taste in a clear ale. My healthy serving leaves beautiful lacing on the glass, complementing the warm glow.

I don't naturally gravitate to lighter summer beers. But with two in a row now, I've been pleased by their handiwork and found they are just what I've needed during this trip. Now, to get home so I can get back to my own work.

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