June 22, 2011

The public has spoken!

... and while the four of you were fairly split, the cider seems to be the order of the day. Since it came from a vote, I'll try to come up with a more-daring recipe this time, not just toss some juice in and call it good. Stay tuned!

(See? I say three of you will be success, and I get four votes. Good job, internetland!)

Now, of course, the dirty secret -- I actually can make cider without tying up my main equipment. So, the bitter and imperial stout will also have their day!

But they have to wait their turn. Right now, a carboy full of black IPA is sitting in the basement, waiting to be bottled this weekend. After that, the weekend of July 4 I'll throw together my first red ale, using a recipe suggested by the Nampa homebrew store.

Yet of course, my photo of it was before it was poured together in a glass jar.

Probably a fourth of both of those batches will head with me to Oregon in two months, to share with a gathering of old college friends. If we're lucky, the ESB might join them...

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